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News flash!

We have received many requests for wipe, because so much hacked items.

So we ARE DOING IT! Prepare for full database wipe at this weekend!

Also we are activating PvP map back, because so much bambies hunting on beach, cherno and electro. Let’s make it more fair for new bambies. (Read old messages about PvP map, even those are REALLY old, it will clear up how that PvP map works.)



- Semi

PVP Scoring

PvP map is NOT BANDIT MAP! Anyone can be bandit, but not be shown on map.

If player gets PvP score, he can is visible on map. So POSITIVE SCORE = Shown on map.

But how scoring is calculated? Like this:
(CAST((s.KillsH) AS SIGNED)*40)-(CAST((s.KillsB) AS SIGNED)*40)-(CAST(s.KillsZ AS SIGNED)+40) as score

Everyone starts with -40 (Read it like ‘first kill is for free’).

Then you get scores by:
Killing Zombie is -1
Killing Bandit is -20
Killing Player is +40

If your score is POSITIVE, you have PvP scoring and you are shown on map. PvP players could also play for ‘who gets highest PvP score and be alive’… Or players could try keeping away from map.

We MAY Alter “Bandit killing” score, if we see problems with that. But I hope it keeps people getting bandit skin if possible.

I think that english would be fine for everybody?

There has been questions ‘WHY’ PvP map, and ‘it is so shitty’, and that kind of things. So I should make it clear what is it, and how does it work.

Reason why I put “PvP map” on, was those players who killed people on sight, but didn’t killed single zombie.

Most kills was respawned noobs without any special gear. I know, I was killed twice in this kind of situation.

That’s why I wanted to give some challenge to player killers too. Now they get good gear (sniper rifles, NVGoogles, etc…) and camp on some locations. Well, not any more.